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Special events 

Women of  Lockerbie, Saturday 18th November

This entertaining modern Greek Tragedy is coming on tour to Burford as part of an evening looking at the intractable question of suffering and why a God of love allows it.
Set seven years after the Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 disaster of 2003 when all 258 passengers were killed, this moving and dramatic play, brought to us by back2front theatre, poses a number of questions about pain and suffering, grief and forgiveness.
The evening starts at 7pm with themed canapes and wine or soft drinks in the Warwick Hall, Burford.  After the hour long play, coffee and shortbread is served while the audience is invited to pose questions which have been raised by the play. There will then be an intriguing Question & Answer session chaired by our Vicar Richard Coombs and directed at down to earth, philosopher and theologian, Tom Price.
Tickets are £10 each and include all refreshments. Available from the Church Office at the Warwick Hall on 01993 823788 / .
The evening is sponsored by St John’s Church, the Warwick Hall Café and back2front theatre.

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